Delivering “European design, without the price tag”

Alemlube has introduced to the market its new Alemlube Automotive 3D Wheel Aligner, an advanced wheel aligner which utilises “leading European hardware and software technology.”

The perfect balance
Alemlube says this aligner offers “the perfect balance of convenience while being easy to use and featuring quality guided procedures suitable for any technician, to guarantee performance and efficiency.”
The monitor has simple, intuitive graphics with rapid selection keys and icons and quick, precise measurements with value adjustments in real time.
The Alemlube Automotive 3D wheel aligner is supplied complete with cabinet, computer with Windows 10 operating system, 27” TFT monitor, colour printer, USB keyboard, mouse, wi-fi pen drive, four four-point clamps 12”-24” with universal grips and targets and camera support with manual control.
Also included are two mechanical turntables, brake pedal lock, steering lock, wheel alignment inbuilt software and database for popular vehicles.
Alemlube Automotive says it is renowned for its top aftersales service.
It states that as a family company, it has built a reputation for excellence in distribution, sales, and the total support of all automotive workshop servicing products.
Alemlube says a very distinct and unique advantage of purchasing wheel servicing equipment from Alemlube is the country wide installation, service and support network coupled to real industry experienced people.
The Alemlube team says it delivers “unequalled product service and certainly offers an industry leading approach to product knowledge, advice and after sales support.” Alemube has offices throughout Australia.

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