Correct waste oil handling is critically important

Alemlube says it is a leading supplier of lubrication and workshop equipment and that for more than 20 years it has also been providing turnkey workshop solutions to the automotive and transport industries in Australia, and more recently, in New Zealand.
Naturally there are many facets of a well-run and well-equipped workshop environment and Alemlube says there is none more important than the practice of waste oil handling.
It is common knowledge that governments and industry regulate and mandate the control of waste oil and this goes hand in hand with occupational workshop safety.
Alemlube says it offers a comprehensive line up of waste oil handling equipment to suit your specific applications and needs, ranging from manual drainers to fully equipped extraction systems.
Mobile units designed for the collection of used fluids such as motor oil, gear oil, antifreeze and coolant fluids as well as other non-aggressive automotive fluids are in use right across the industry every day and the quality of such units is of vital importance.
Because of this, Alemlube states it distributes only the best equipment, much of which is manufactured by Samoa in Spain and enjoys a reputation for reliability and longevity.

Models for gravity collection are fitted with a telescopic bowl and can be used under vehicle hoists or inside lubrication pits. Models fitted with a pneumatic vacuum pump can be used for extracting waste oil through the vehicle motor oil dipstick using an adequate adaptor or suction cane.
The pneumatic suction pump has no moving parts and can achieve up to 80 percent vacuum, says Alemlube, which states these units are supplied with a complete set of suction canes and adaptors. Once full, the reservoir can be discharged either by using a remote pump through a hydraulic type connector fitted to the bottom of the unit, with a piston pump attached to the unit or by pressurising the unit reservoir at 3.5psi (0.5 bar) maximum with a tyre inflator.
Waste oil evacuation kits are also available for transferring waste oil from mobile unit reservoirs or waste oil drainers to bulk waste oil storage tanks utilising a compressed air pump connected to a distribution line network.
Whether your requirement is a mobile oil drainer, a manual waste oil extractor that is light and easily carried around the workshop or in the field, a gravity fed waste oil drain, an air operated waste oil extractor, a larger integrated system or new and waste oil storage tanks, Alemlube says it can satisfy your needs and that its pricing is “always competitive.”
Alemlube says complete supply and installation is always a feature of its service and technical advice along with servicing capabilities are simply a phone call away.

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