Radiator Direct warns about sub-par radiators

Radiator Direct says the word performance gets thrown around a lot these days when it comes to automotive radiators but that buyers should beware: all that glitters is not gold.
Some claims of performance and heavy duty are unfortunately nothing more than a marketing spiel, it says, noting that there are all alloy radiators being sold on the common mass online sites that are peddled by sellers who don’t know much about the products they are selling, let alone if their radiators are heavy duty upgrades.
A radiator may have shiny polished aluminium tanks, but with a core containing less tubes and a lower fin count than the original radiator, is not at all heavy duty, warns Radiator Direct while stating that some reportedly heavy duty radiators may in fact provide less performance than the OE part and could potentially cause overheating issues and engine damage.
There are some key design areas of a radiator that impact the cooling performance, or lack of it. Radiator Direct advises that some things to look out for are:
• Tube pitch – the distance between adjacent tubes.
• Fins per inch (FPI) – a measurement terminology from an early era, indicating the number of cooling fins in the radiator core.
• Core type – including the type of fins and cooling tube.
Apart from performance issues, durability should also be considered it says, noting that its staff see a lot of customers who have purchased an online “high performance” radiator only for it to fail within the first 12 months of operation.

Radiator Direct is a spare parts importer and wholesale distributor with the ability to service and repair thermal control parts. It explains it offers an extensive range of quality radiators, A/C condensers and associated components from leading OEM and aftermarket manufacturers including Nissens, Denso, Behr-Hella, Rapid Cool Radiators and Alliance Thermal Products; carrying more than 5,000 thermal control components in stock at its warehouse in Bayswater VIC.
In addition, it also offers a fully-equipped Custom Shop, RD’s Custom Shop, which offers service, repair, redesign, and performance upgrades.

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