Shorten calls on Liberal Government to act to save independent mechanics

The Australian Labor Party has made a policy pledge to introduce a mandatory code to force car companies to share data with independent mechanics to allow them to repair modern vehicles.
Talking at the Essendon Jax Tyres on Mothers’ Day, leader of the opposition Bill Shorten called on the Turnbull Federal Government to act.
“Today Labor is announcing good news for car owners and good news for the independent mechanics of Australia,” he said.
“Labor is telling the big car companies of the world that if you want to sell your cars in Australia you have to share the data with the Australian independent motoring industry.
“We are not going to allow the independent mechanic to disappear and that is why we are announcing our mandate today that there should be mandatory information sharing from the foreign car companies to our local mechanics.
“This is good news for the 150,000 jobs in our vehicle repair industry and it is good news for car owners. We want to make sure that you have a choice about where you want to go.
“We don’t want to see the local mechanic become a thing of the past. We want to be able to see the local residents be able to go to their local mechanic and be able to get the quality service that they know and want.”
Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Andrew Leigh told the assembled media that this was about making sure Australian consumers still had the choice of where they had their cars serviced and repaired.
“Labor will maintain choice. It’s your car it should be your choice… Labor will ensure that Australian motorists have access to independent mechanics,” he said.
“We will keep independent mechanics alive which will make it cheaper for people to fix their cars and ensure that a vital sector of the small business community will be able to continue.”

AAAA Executive Director Stuart Charity expressed gratitude for the ALP’s commitment to the independent automotive service and repair sector.
“On behalf of the AAAA, and more importantly the 23,000 independent mechanical workshops around Australia, we would like to thank the ALP for making this policy pledge,” Stuart said.
“This is an absolute game changer for our industry but more importantly for the 17 million Australian car owners.
“This will allow those 23,000 small businesses to continue to survive and compete on a level playing field with the multi-national car dealerships.
“This is about giving them the tools that they need to be able to work on modern vehicles. This will allow the Australian car owner to continue to have the choice of who works on their cars and what parts are fitted.”