The clear choice for sealed enclosures

The Amphenol Armor IPX Clear Sealed Enclosure provides superior protection for printed circuit boards and electronic control modules in harsh environments and off-road applications, all in a clear, see-through housing.
It is also available in two additional enclosure material types: black Thermoplastic or Ultem (Transparent Amber) and is IP67/69K rated in mated condition with the ATM Header System.
Amphenol explains that simplified installation is accomplished via a rugged tandem through-hole design for ease of mounting and includes optional environmental venting.
The Armor IPX electrical interface is established with the compact ATM Header System featuring optional single/double/custom/blank headers, keying, and standard sealed 90° moulded pins.
The snap-in headers quickly and securely attach to the Armor IPX enclosure and mate with standard ATM Series plugs. 
Armor IPX Sealed Enclosures and ATM Header Systems are compatible with industry standard EEC enclosures.

Key features:
• Intermatable with industry standard connectors
• Optional header configurations – ATM Series 24 I/O (A, B, C and D Keying)
• Rugged tandem through-hole design for ease of mounting
• Snap-in headers establish ease of interface with PCB
• Cross hatch design increases venting protection
• Resistant to most fluids used in industrial applications

Available Options
• Custom/Blank Headers available to assist in establishing additional connector interface flexibility
• Vented enclosures (environmental venting)
• Enclosures available in Thermoplastic Black or Ultem (Transparent Amber) material
• ATM Headers with optional tin-or gold-plated pins

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