The switch eliminates the drainage of stored power

For workshops looking to increase customer spend at the counter, Digital Pulse Systems says its ANBI Switch is a great impulse buy which is helping many workshops drive profitability.
Designed and manufactured in Australia to international automotive specifications and standards, the ANBI negative battery isolator switch eliminates the drainage of stored power by isolating the battery from power-hungry components like clocks, and general energy leakage.
“The ANBI Switch is suitable for a broad range of applications including automotive, marine, caravans, motorcycles, agricultural and industrial equipment,” Digital Pulse Systems Designer and General Manager and inventor of the ANBI Switch, Theo Brown, said.
“Installation is quick and easy and can be completed in less than 15 minutes.”
Digital Pulse Systems says the ANBI Switch provides automotive workshops, tyre dealers and automotive electricians with an additional source of revenue that will improve profitability and increase customer satisfaction and the numbers add up.
“Many workshops set a conservative target to sell six Multi-Purpose ANBI Switches per week,” Theo said.
“Based on that they stand to increase nett profit by $5,148 annually (six x 52 = 312 sales per annum. 312 sales x $16.50 unit price = $5,148 net profit annually).
“The ANBI Switch is a great addition to any workshop and keeping the ANBI Switch in stock and recommending it to customers who have vehicles sitting idle for extended periods, is a fantastic way to increase the profitability of your business.”

To find out more about how stocking and recommending the ANBI Switch could increase the profitability of your business, visit or call 1800 290 812 for trade enquiries.