Nulon claimed the Terry Mahoney Excellence in Marketing Award for its latest engine oil product advertising

Nulon won the prestigious Terry Mahoney Excellence in Marketing Award at the recent Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards Banquet.
The APEX+ marketing and advertising campaign focuses on Nulon’s mantra of being “born to push the limits.”
The APEX+ advertising continues: “It haunts us. This obsession. To go further, faster… louder. Because we don’t settle. We build on the past, innovating, evolving, pushing ourselves until we reach… Perfection! To create something better than anything that’s come before. Introducing the next generation of high-performance engine oil: Nulon APEX+. Engineered with Advanced Fluid Dynamics, for the ultimate performance, protection and efficiency in all conditions.”
Nulon Channel Marketing Manager, Tom Murray, said his team was “delighted to receive the prestigious 2024 Terry Mahoney Excellence in Marketing Award for our successful launch of the APEX+ engine oil range and marketing campaign”.
“This recognition is a testament to the dedication of our entire team at Nulon,” Tom continued.
“The journey of developing the APEX+ engine oil range and marketing campaign was driven by our commitment to innovation and quality and our desire to bring world-class products to market.
“With our business’s unwavering support, we created an innovative and engaging marketing brand campaign that effectively communicated our brand vision, commitment to continuous improvement and desire to do things differently.
“We are thrilled that it has been recognised with this prestigious award.”

For more information, visit www.nulon.com.au/our-brands/apex-plus