83 percent of Australians shopped online in 2020

Four hundred and seventy-five million dollars of car parts and accessories were sold online in Australia in the past year.
There’s never been a more compelling case or a more opportune time as right now to take your parts and accessories business online, whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer or distributor.
There’s a little more to selling car and motorcycle parts online than you might realise.
It takes trust to buy online. Trust that what is written about the product is accurate. Trust that the photos of the product are real. Trust that the retailer will actually send what you’ve ordered. Trust that if something goes wrong, you’ll be well looked after and the situation rectified quickly.
Most importantly, trust that the product is absolutely compatible with your specific vehicle or motorbike.
Instilling trust in all these areas takes careful planning. As an online retailer or wholesaler, it is absolutely worth the investment in time, energy and money to ensure your product descriptions, images and attributes are accurate, complete, and easy to understand.
Because online shoppers can’t see you and you can’t see them, it is vital that you give them every reason to feel confident buying from you.
Zellis says it has been designing and building high converting ecommerce webstores for automotive parts and accessories retailers and wholesalers for the past seven years.
According to Chief Executive Officer Tim Davies, the biggest challenge it continues to encounter is clients who don’t or won’t accept the importance of accurate, complete and well-structured product data, and deployment of compatibility fitment protocols to power a reliable and customer-friendly part finder.
“It’s frustrating because we know how much money they’re leaving on the table by not doing it right at the start,” Tim said.
Data is the invisible foundation of every high performing webstore. It doesn’t organise itself automatically and often source data provided by manufacturers and suppliers is incomplete and poorly structured.
The task of gathering, structuring and optimising product data and images for ecommerce is typically tedious and slow, and therefore costly.
Thus, many retailers and wholesalers aspiring to break into ecommerce fall horribly short, and end up struggling to attract customers, let alone have them return for more.
A few years ago, fed up with the high cost and effort of compatibility tagging, Zellis says it set out to make data work more accessible and affordable.
Zellis Auto is a new proprietary automotive fitment solution using Australia’s own Redbook vehicle and motorcycle data and images. The new fitment tagging methodology has slashed the time (and hence cost) of tagging products to their compatible vehicles by 90 percent.
Zellis Auto also includes the same fast and easy fitment tagging to eBay’s vehicle and motorcycle data definitions. According to eBay, listings with fitment applied sell more than 40 percent more compared to listings without it.

For more information, visit or contact Zellis on 1300 935 537.