REDARC’s SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers can help

If you work around cars for extended periods of time, you are aware of the risk of the customer returning to collect their car, only for their battery to be as dead as a dodo.
Customers contact their local mechanic, auto electrician, or crash repairer for all sorts of issues – some are a quick fix and others can take months.
Even when a battery isn’t being used, the internal reaction that produces the electricity that the car needs to run keeps happening, and thanks to vehicle alarm systems and on-board computers, if the battery is connected to the car, it drains even faster.
Every minute matters – the longer the job takes, the longer the battery is left idle, and the greater the risk of degrading long-term health, limiting efficiency and, in the worst-case scenario, the higher the chance of complete battery failure.
Being a mechanic is already challenging enough, so no one wants to deal with an angry and frustrated customer when their car won’t start.
If you’re a mechanic who is serious about your work, before each vehicle leaves your workshop, REDARC says the battery should be fully charged and tested.
REDARC states that its SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers are simple to use – just connect the charging clips to the battery (or use the optional plug connection), connect it to an AC power supply (such as your shops mains) and push the ON button.
When the job is done, simply wind up the cables and that’s it. Not to mention, they’re rated to IP65, so these SmartChargers are workshop ready.
Compatible with most battery types including AGM, lead acid and lithium, the SmartCharge range is available in four, six, eight, and 10amp variants. They automatically adjust to suit the battery voltage and type in your car, boat, motorcycle or caravan.
These smart battery chargers give peace of mind in knowing your or your customer’s car battery is getting the right amount of charge it needs without the risk of overcharging.
Once a battery is fully charged, the charger goes into sleep mode and wakes up every seven days to check the battery’s status and resume charging if required. Alternatively, if the battery drops below 12.6volts it will also resume charging.
REDARC encourages you to “increase customer satisfaction and keep your job stress-free” with REDARC’s SmartCharge AC Chargers.

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