Corrosion prevention and rust removal solutions

Since 1908, the team at H.O Wiles Limited have been manufacturing trusted automotive chemicals in both Australia and New Zealand.
Some of its well-known products include Bar’s Bugs Windscreen Washer Additive and Bar’s Leaks Stop Leak.
H.O Wiles says it is now proud to extend its range to include Armor VCI Protective Packaging.
Its technical team explains the range offers clean, safe, and environmentally friendly products that help remove, prevent, and protect metals against rust and corrosion, stating: “Our Protective Packaging takes safe and effective water-based rust preventatives (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) and impregnates them into easy-to-use packaging materials to prevent rust during shipping, storage, or in-process applications. No grease, oils, or harsh chemicals are required. Our team and VCI technology solutions protect products and brands.”
The team goes on to explain that Armor has been a key corrosion management supplier globally, for more than 35 years, focusing resources on automotive, industrial, and military markets.
It states that its products “offer superior yet affordable solutions for both large and smaller scale projects where corrosion and rust are costing companies time and money.”
The broad array of VCI Packaging, Desiccant Systems and Rust removal products include: VCI Paper, VCI Film, VCI UV Protection, VCI Bags, VCI Foam Emitters, VCI Desiccants, Smarty Paks (Emits vapor and controls moisture), Metal Rescue Rust Removal Bath and Gel and Dry Coat Spray.

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