The combination of Arnott and JRi Shocks will bring air suspension products to a wider range of customers

Arnott – which says it is a global leader in the development and production of air suspension products for passenger vehicles – recently announced that it has acquired JRi Shocks.
The acquisition enables Arnott to expand its industry-leading air suspension product portfolio within the SEMA performance market to reach additional customers including street cars, Jeep vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and UTVs.
JRi Shocks will continue to serve its existing markets and customers but will now be better positioned to grow those markets even further while also expanding into new ones.
Customers should see no change in the day-to-day operations of the business.
“Arnott has exceptional engineering capabilities and has a reputation for producing high-performance products,” Arnott Chief Executive Officer, Joe Santangelo, said.
“AccuAir, added to the Arnott portfolio last year, provides the leading air suspension management system on the market today.
“Bringing JRi Shocks into the fold enables Arnott to offer the best aftermarket replacement air suspension, the leading air suspension management system, as well as some of the best performance shocks in the world.”
Arnott says JRi Shocks is well known for its shock absorber technology, which has a history of championship performance in various forms of motorsports.
Founded in 2007 by Jeff Ryan, the company was co-owned by Jeff, Det Cullum and NASCAR Hall of Fame crew chief and team owner Ray Evernham at the time of the acquisition.
Jeff will stay on to continue managing all engineering activities for the company, while Det and Ray will remain involved with the company in advisory roles.
“The last few years we have focused on expanding our world class racing products, allowing more enthusiasts to experience JRi Shocks,” Jeff said.
“It was a natural progression of our expertise and now we will be able to take it even further under the Arnott umbrella.”
“After three years of owning JRi, we arrived at a point where our growth potential was being held back by the resources we had at hand. We needed a partner to take the company to the next level,” Ray said.
“Arnott’s enthusiasm for what JRi stands for and its track record of leading companies to extraordinary growth made Arnott the perfect fit to become that partner. I look forward to continuing to support the company’s growth.”

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