From the DB7 to DBX, Bilstein and Aston Martin have a long-standing relationship

Bilstein explains that its long-standing collaboration with Aston Martin dates back to the 1990s. At that time, as part of its development cooperation with the company based in Warwickshire (England), Bilstein produced the shock absorbers for the legendary DB7, which revived the traditional type designation DB at Aston Martin and was the most successful model of the sports car manufacturer until the V8 Vantage.
Bilstein Key Account Manager Norbert Müller still remembers the beginnings of the cooperation.
“Driving on English country roads with an Aston Martin developer for the first time was a great experience,” Norbert said.
The engineer has worked for Bilstein for around 30 years and has been the central contact person for all matters relating to Aston Martin right from the very start.
After a creative break, Bilstein says it succeeded in relaunching Aston Martin with a technological innovation in 2007.
“With Aston Martin’s wish for an adjustable shock absorber, we were back in,” Norbert said with some pride.
Bilstein’s adjustable shock absorbers Bilstein DampTronic I – which at that time were reportedly the first choice for sports cars due to their integrated, continuously adjustable damping system – were used in the DBS (from October 2007), the V8 Vantage (from January 2008) and the DB9 (from March 2008). Since then Bilstein has been the supplier for all vehicles of Aston Martin.
“It is a very, very pleasant cooperation at arm’s length, a genuine partnership,” Norbert said.
When asked why the cooperation between Aston Martin and Bilstein is so successful, the engineer has a concise but convincing answer.
“We have the right product, we can always react flexibly to customer requirements and see ourselves as a partner for the customer,” Norbert said.
At the end of 2019, a new era was dawning for Aston Martin with the British sports car manufacturer set to launch its first SUV on the market.
The “DBX” is also the first Aston Martin with air suspension. Thus, the specialists for exclusive and particularly noble sports cars are breaking new ground with the SUV.
Bilstein says it is proud to be able to support Aston Martin and its DBX with its Bilstein DampTronic sky shock absorbers, which is its high-performance solution in the range of the adjustable shock absorbers.

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