The New VW Amarok’s shield of excellence from Hamer 4×4

For explorers who push their limits and expect the same from their equipment, Hamer 4×4 says it is proud to introduce its Atlas Series Bull Bar for the New Volkswagen Amarok.
“Setting a new standard in off-road safety and aesthetics, the Atlas Series Bull Bar is ADR approved, rigorously crash-tested, and fully airbag compliant,” Hamer 4×4 Marketing Manager, Mark Gelo, said.
“This integration of protection and elegance reimagines what’s possible in vehicle accessories for the avid off-road driver.”

“Uncompromised safety and robust design”
Hamer 4×4, which says it is known for unyielding protection, states it has meticulously engineered the Atlas Series Bull Bar.
“Constructed from high-grade 3mm thick steel, it is a robust shield against the unpredictable wild,” Mark said.
“The bull bar’s design goes beyond resilience; its ability to distribute force preserves both the vehicle’s integrity and passenger safety.
“The fully integrated lighting system, which includes DRLs, Sequential indicators, and fog lights connected via a plug-and-play loom, offers enhanced visibility when the journey extends into the twilight hours, marrying functionality with a bold visual statement.”

Modern vehicle technology
Sculpted with precision, Hamer 4×4 says the Atlas Series Bull Bar integrates with the Volkswagen Amarok’s modern lines and repositions essential vehicle features like parking sensors and lane assist, cruise control, and camera systems for uncompromised functionality.
Further, this full bumper replacement does not require modifications to the vehicle, showcasing Hamer’s commitment to design and engineering expertise.
With customisable options for winches and additional lighting, Hamer 4×4 says the bull bar’s versatility shines, allowing adventurers to tailor their setup to specific off-road challenges.

Durability coupled with forward-thinking design
Crafted with premium steel and finished with a black powder-coated touch, the Atlas Series Bull Bar is a lightweight unit weighing only 55kg.
“This ensures longevity and resilience against the elements while not adding unnecessary extra weight to the vehicle,” Mark said.
“This choice enhances the bull bar’s structural integrity and maintains its refined appearance.”
Versatile and winch compatible, the design includes provisions for extra accessories such as spotlights, a lightbar or aerials.
It comes standard with 3.5t rated recovery points, which Hamer 4×4 says reflects its commitment to cutting-edge solutions that elevate both performance and appearance of off-road vehicles.
“At Hamer 4×4, our drive to exceed expectations propels us to continually innovate, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality in the off-road accessory market,” Mark said.
“The Atlas Series Bull Bar exemplifies this spirit of continuous improvement, blending advanced materials and design with unmatched customisation options.
“For those who venture into uncharted territory, the Atlas Series Bull Bar stands as a testament to the philosophy that compromise is not an option.”

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