In this article, Capricorn Group CEO David Fraser discusses tips on how to attract and retain staff

With my ‘Our Skills Shortage: Attracting Great Staff and Keeping Them’ co-panellists Lesley Yates, Adam Pay, and James Voortman, we discussed at AAAE the cost of the current skills shortage and some things we can do now to help attract and retain staff.
Finding good people is a problem – our State of the Nation report tells us that in 2021, 51 percent of Capricorn Members deemed ‘lack of qualified staff’ as the biggest challenge facing our industry, up from 44 percent in 2020.
There are some structural issues we need to overcome to ensure a sustainable skilled workforce for the future. And without wanting to diminish their importance, they can take some time to overcome.
In the interest of providing some quick tips, here are some small things we can all do now:
• The State of the Nation research shows our Members are feeling confident and successful. Annual turnovers are also trending upwards and one in five Capricorn Members are turning over AUD $1 million. Don’t be afraid to talk about positives and the opportunities in our industry.
• Keep an open mind when looking for staff, especially apprentices. A common theme amongst our Capricorn Rising Stars nominees is how many businesses they approached to get their apprenticeship. Staff and apprentices come in all shapes and sizes, and most of them are keen to get started.
• Fostering a positive work environment can help keep your existing staff. This may be common sense to a lot of you, as 74 percent of Capricorn Members are actively considering how they can foster a workplace culture. But for those who aren’t sure where to start, even little moments like team lunches, or paying for staff development can go a long way.
If you’re interested in how Capricorn can help you build a stronger, sustainable business, I invite you to visit to arrange a visit from your local Capricorn representative.
Yours in cooperation,
David Fraser
Group CEO – Capricorn Society Ltd

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