The full Aunger range is offered through CoolDrive Auto Parts

Those behind the Aunger brand say it has quickly become one of the preferred suppliers in Australia for high-quality exhaust accessories and hardware.
Available from CoolDrive branches and online are Aunger rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded parts, universal hangers, gaskets, wire mesh rings, extractor gaskets, brackets, clamps, studs and fasteners, stainless steel flex bellows and tube connectors to cater for any exhaust requirement.
All Aunger products are manufactured by an ISO and IATF certified factory, giving workshops peace-of-mind as to the quality and durability of these components.
The raw materials used include the finest grades of natural and synthetic rubbers and steel sourced from internationally reputed companies. With all Aunger exhaust products reverse-engineered from the genuine part, the risk of misfit or failure is eliminated.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says it continues to focus on the quick development of new Aunger products to ensure its customers are a step ahead within the industry – with it stating the age-old promise of “Quality Without Compromise” rings true at the family-owned business.
With a rich history spanning more than 50 years, the Aunger range at CoolDrive includes shock absorbers, suspension components, car care products, wheel hub assemblies and bearing kits, and a comprehensive workshop equipment range.

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