Designed for Australian conditions

Wholesale Automatic Transmissions says it specialises in manufacturing a large range of auxiliary automatic transmission cooler kits, in particular for ‘tradie ute’ and 4X4 style vehicles.
It says very few vehicle manufacturers can ever get it exactly right when designing their transmission cooling systems.
Wholesale Automatic Transmissions says this
is because manufacturers concentrate on building a vehicle for the widest possible worldwide market.
However, here in Australia we have vast distances, extreme climates and a need to upgrade the vehicles for both towing and heading off-road.
If you are thinking about cooler upgrades, Wholesale Automatic Transmissions asks you to consider these points:
• The number one killer of automatic transmissions is heat. Using a proper transmission oil cooler increases the life and performance of your transmission and protects the longevity of your transmission oil.
• Many vehicles do not come with an adequate cooling system, especially if you are planning on any engine upgrades, towing or venturing offroad.
Wholesale Automatic Transmissions says its coolers are a premium Australian made product that will improve the transmission cooling significantly, with years of experience and research going into the design of its range of coolers.
A wide range of coolers are available, and each is built for a specific vehicle, including the
Ford Ranger/Everest, BT50, Colorado/Colorado-7/Trailblazer, D-Max/MU-X, Triton, Hilux/Fortuner, 200 Series, FJ Cruiser, Prado, Nissan Y62, Amarok and the current model D-Max/BT50.
Wholesale Automatic Transmissions says it uses a proven heavy duty one-piece mounting system that is both zinc plated and Mannex coated for maximum corrosion resistance.
It cautions you against being “caught out with flimsy mounting brackets, stainless steel, or even worse, multi-piece brackets,” stating, “we cannot emphasise enough the importance of using a one-piece mount, especially on corrugated roads, where the mount must absorb all the vibrations and shock.”
Wholesale Automatic Transmission says it stands behind every product it sells with “excellent technical support” and explains that each kit comes with full colour step-by-step DIY installation instructions which include every nut, bolt, hose, clamp and so on that you need to fit the cooler.

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