Created by Responsive Engineering

Modern Common Rail Diesels do not fare so well sitting around – if there is the slightest bit of moisture in the fuel system, you might have a huge repair bill when you next start up.
Responsive Engineering says there is a cheap and simple way to protect your fuel system from moisture and other fuel contaminants. The company says its all Australian fuel additive, Responsive Diesel Fuel Lubricant and Conditioner, can provide protection to your Common Rail Diesel fuel system components and improve the vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.
Responsive Diesel Fuel Lubricant and Conditioner was developed and manufactured by Diesel Engineer David Webster and his friend, a Queensland chemist, to lubricate all surfaces throughout the diesel fuel system while also providing anti-corrosion protection for diesel fuel pumps and injectors using nanotechnology developed in Europe, allowing the company to create a highly concentrated formula.
It has been developed for modern common-rail diesel systems and formulated for low-sulphur diesel fuel and the product also includes an anti-bacterial biocide but does not contain hygroscopic dispersants.
Some fuel additives contain water-attracting/retaining dispersants or detergents. These additives claim that they remove water, but in fact the water does not magically disappear, it just becomes emulsified with the fuel and is held in suspension causing the same damage as free water.
The company explains it has added a warning on the label “Do not over treat the fuel”. The Responsive team advises that the formula is very concentrated, so it recommends to only use this fuel additive every second time you refill your tank. It says this makes this product particularly economical.
Responsive Engineering explains that the fill ratio is 10ml for every 80 litres of diesel, which means that a 150ml bottle is enough for 15 standard tank fills. Using it every second tank, one bottle of Responsive Diesel Fuel Lubricant and Conditioner will treat 2,400 litres of fuel, or about 20,000km. At $39.50 for a 150ml bottle, that’s value for money in anyone’s language, says Responsive Engineering.
The bottle is designed to fit into door pockets, so it is handy when you stop to refuel. The long applicator means you do not need a funnel to apply the additive, and it has a measuring bowl allowing you to apply the correct amount every time.

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