A new range has been launched by Terrain Tamer

With new ECU and remapping technology, the industry has come a long way to increase power and fuel economy, and better meet the demands of modern 4WD vehicles.
To assist with this further, Terrain Tamer has just released the first in its new range of Australian-made High Flow Exhaust Systems, to fit the Toyota Hilux and V8 Landcruiser 79 Series.
Constructed from 409 Stainless Steel and coated with black heat-proof thermal paint, Terrain Tamer’s new exhaust systems feature a double braided flex joint and three-inch mandrel bent tube which acts to maximise the gas flow of the engine, leading to better fuel economy and improved performance.
The systems also include a large diameter turbo dump pipe, incorporating EGT and O2 sensor fittings, and a 200 CPI catalytic converter with a high-flow metallic substrate design to meet EURO 3 EPA emissions standards, and suitable for demanding performance applications where a freer flow of exhaust gasses is required.
The muffler bodies come embossed with Terrain Tamer’s logo, and feature high flow perforated tube internals, supported with a case stiffener as well as heavy duty gussets with endplate stiffeners, to fully support the exhaust pipes where they meet the muffler.
These features are all supported by heavy duty OE style hangers and brackets, designed to connect to the vehicle’s original mounting points.
Terrain Tamer explains that a 10mm thick, 4 bolt pipe-through flange design ensures perfect fitting accuracy throughout and an installation kit is also included, providing all gaskets, nuts and bolts required for fitment of the system.
All Terrain Tamer High Flow Exhaust Systems come with a five-year warranty.

For more information, visit or call 1300 888 444.