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Interequip says Autel, a well-known name in the industry, is a fast-growing manufacturer in the world for diagnostic technology.
Interequip has been working with Autel since 2007, being the first distributor in Australia and New Zealand to market Autel’s professional scan tool series.
In selling thousands of Autel scan tools in Australia, Interequip says it has been instrumental in putting Autel on the map in our market “as the leader in diagnostic sales and technology.”
Interequip explains it also co-developed the Holden and AU Ford software, and states it is still working closely with Autel for servicing and improving diagnostic functions.
It says when you are looking for an Autel distributor, you should “make sure that they have the expertise and experience to support your purchase.”
Interequip says Autel has a wide range of exciting new products on offer, including:
• Immobilizer (ex: MaxiIM IM608Pro)
• TPMS (MX sensors and TS608)
• ADAS (Gen I and MA600)
• Thermal camera recorder IR100
• Battery tester with BAS reset function (BT508 and BT608)
• Professional diagnostic scanner combining information (MaxisysUltra)
• Combined scope-scanner in one (MS919).
Autel’s next product will be joining ADAS, data diagnosis, and 3D wheel alignment in an all-in-one machine, ADAS-IA-800.
Interequip says Autel’s technology and innovation will help mechanical workshops to perform deeper and high-end repairs that were limited prior due to technology.

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