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As TPM Systems age and internal sensor batteries fail, you will require a tool to diagnose faults and code new sensors with the added benefit of being able to diagnose remote key faults.
The tool for TPMS has become essential for modern workshops.
Interequip says Autel has a wide range of product solutions catering to workshops with different budgets for TPMS tools, from the budget colour screen TS508, to the TS608 with diagnostic functions, and the MX808TS to MS906TS – a proper professional scanner with TPMS function built-in.

MaxiTPMS TS508
Interequip says this hand-held tool is a one stop shop for the diagnosis and repair of TPM systems. The tool is charged up via a USB cable and AC adapter and the auto-off feature ensures prolonged battery life. It comes in a sturdy carry case with both a Quickstart guide and detailed manual with step-by-step, easy to follow screenshots and the required software. The TS508 is a start up tool that reads tyre pressure, tyre temperature and ID.

MaxiTPMS TS608
Interequip says the MaxiTPMS TS608 is a more comprehensive OBDII scan tool that not only reads TPM systems but also comes with diagnostic functions for live data, finding and clearing trouble codes.

MX808TS and MS906TS
Interequip says the MX808TS is a hand-held tool that comes with quick service functions and coding TPM systems; while the MS906TS is a top of the range professional diagnostic scanner that not only does daily diagnostic jobs but also combines TPMS functions.

Autel also offers MX sensors that come with either 433 MHz or 315 MHz or universal dual frequency types of sensors with rubber or metal stem.
Interequip has been distributing Autel products since 2007. Interequip says it also imports quality vehicle lifts (Powerrex made in Korea), wheel service equipment (Italian made tyre changer, balancer, and aligners), AutoPro Up brake lathe and press, and AC refrigerant recharge systems.

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