From 5iQ Automotive Software

Upholding a proper maintenance process can be tedious and expensive, however 5iQ Automotive Software says if auto shops keep improving their standards that deliver above expected experiences, customer satisfaction can peak to even greater heights.
5iQ Automotive Software offers the following tips to improve productivity:
• The right working environment: working conditions need to foster positive energy and vibes with the surroundings enabled for a comfortable work environment, such as sufficient cooling and heating in each season, the fit out must be equipped with modern and updated tools to get the job done in a proficient manner, and cleanliness should be prioritised as well.
• Include free refreshments for the employees: dehydration leads to reduced productivity. A water cooler station works wonders for staff toiling away on a hot day. Hydration will keep you energised, focused and boost their morale. Having tired staff isn’t good for business.
• The company culture should be clear and visual: are your staff living and breathing your company culture? This effectively becomes your services mandate and if executed well, it will create additional brand value. Hiring staff who fit your company culture is paramount, don’t be blindsided and hire quickly, improve the quality based on cultural fit and boost your productivity. 
• Appreciate tasks big and small: praise and heartfelt appreciation goes a long way. Let your staff know that you value their contributions and that they are an integral part of the business. Communicating this will increase their drive to sustain this level and raise it even higher. It will improve employee-employer relationships and will build confidence for the employee as they progress to different roles within the business.
• Be punctual and set predetermined targets: having a deadline for tasks has proven to increase shop productivity. Setting realistic goals can help staff work at a steady pace to complete their work on time. 
• Don’t over-complicate things: having an arduous process will only complicate and delay tasks being completed in a timely manner. Customers shouldn’t have to wait long hours to get a simple task completed due to the intricate administrative procedures. 
5iQ Automotive Software says by implementing these tips, your productivity will increase, resulting in higher sales, stating that it ultimately falls on the owner how they will adjust and cope with the changing times now and in the future.
5iQ Automotive Software explains that it provides a simple and easy cloud-based platform that any auto workshop can adapt and implement within a day or two.

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