ARCA’s Mike Smith was pleased to host automotive industry legend Frank Massey ahead of his upcoming appearance at Autocare

A legend amongst technicians and respected throughout the global automotive industry, the UK’s Frank Massey really needs little introduction to those within the aftermarket.
Having the opportunity to host him recently as he travelled to Western Australia for the Australian Automotive Service Dealers Network (AASDN) was my absolute pleasure and I look forward to seeing him again soon when he returns to speak at the AAAA’s 2020 Autocare convention in Brisbane across June 19 and 20.
Frank really has an incredible background. After reconditioning thousands of engines over the first 13 years of his career, he went on to become an aircraft technician before returning to the automotive industry in 1985 with a passion to improve standards.
He set up a tuning business and not long after, the electronic revolution began and for Frank it became obvious early on that the so-called automotive tools available were simply not up to the challenge. So, with his interest in electronics he began a crusade in acquiring oscilloscopes to test and diagnose systems faults.
While he may have been met with ridicule back then when the focus was on serial communication using two and three digit codes with no data, Frank battled on for many years developing lab scope technology for diagnosing vehicle, mechanical and electronic systems. Now, 35 years later, it is safe to say he has played a large part in conjunction with oscilloscope manufacturer Pico in successfully turning what many saw as witchcraft into a highly-respected diagnostic science with many of the test principles he developed in common practice today.
Speaking with Frank, it is obvious that even now he is still so passionate about improving the standards, skills and attitudes within and towards our industry, while remaining committed to researching new techniques in systems repair amidst technical developments and emissions legislation.
Of course he also spends a lot of his time training other technicians, allowing them to benefit from his more than 50 years of experience. This is incredibly important as I feel there has never been such a demand for engineering skills, electronic intuition and process discipline in our industry as there is now.
At Autocare 2020, Frank will provide advanced training on diesel, DPF and EGR diagnostics and oscilloscopes, including presentations on vibration analysis and its application to vehicle systems diagnosis.

As part of his seminars, Frank will discuss his growing concern in regards to recent technical developments such as SENT sensor technology and the growing lack of accessibility for focused diagnostics. Frank tells me, and I agree, that it has been clear for many years that manufacturers are determined to dumb down diagnostics, relying on a serial interface with little or no regard for actual circuit and component interrogation. Further, the actual data whilst conducting serial led process is poor at best and often totally inadequate at worst.
As such, at Autocare 2020 he will explain his thoughts on NVH as the latest tool in the ever-expanding pico inventory. While NVH has in the past been based on opinion, it can now be presented with evidence thanks to tools such as the PicoScope NVH kits, so this presentation is sure to offer technicians an incredible insight to the very function of mechanical systems.
Also as part of his appearances at Autocare 2020, Frank will be presenting several actual workshop problems with the corresponding diagnostic data. Faults with ignition misfire, pre ignition, dual mass flywheels and a VW T5 van with an engine vibration will all be covered and delegates will be presented with special notes from Frank to take away with them. He will also appear on the demonstration stage with a special demonstration each day for trade show visitors, focusing on the PicoScope NVH kit. Attendance to the trade show is free of charge for industry professionals.
Training was also the focus of his visit to WA in late February, where he conducted two seminars for the AASDN which focused on Common Rail Diesels and NVH testing.
Frank discussed with attendees Common Rail Diesel priming and high pressure control and how Euro 5 has evolved with Euro 6 emission reduction, SCR NOx reduction and also undertook a fuel fault analysis exercise. This exercise created an open forum debate on Pico image interpretation and the diagnostic process, looking at an evaluation of the available data, observation and measurement of this genuine fault while asking the question – how might this problem be simplified using alternative test options?
His talks for AASDN were certainly well received by attendees who walked away with some important insight into new technologies that they can now implement in their workshops, I have no doubt that attendees to Frank’s presentations at Autocare 2020 will similarly benefit.

If you would like to hear Frank speak, I encourage you to visit and register now for Autocare 2020.