“I’ll need to see a history of your refrigerant transactions, you know, just to prove you’ve been capturing and recycling refrigerant”

Interequip General Manager, Don McEvoy, reports he didn’t hear the words himself, but he did receive the phone call from the clearly very anxious and stressed business owner.
Don explains a government inspector had dropped in to randomly inspect the operations of one of Interequip’s better clients.
“Our technical department was able to simply and calmly respond with ‘you’ll need to go to the touchscreen of your A1000 air con machine and enter the set up menu. Put in your WiFi name and password. All the data will be available in an excel spreadsheet for you to print or email’,” Don said.
“In a few minutes the ordeal was sorted. It was clearly a moment of pure relief and one of those moments when customers truly appreciate the advantage of having a technical back up department.”
Interequip says this is only one of the many ‘cool’ features you’ll find on the new AutoCool A1000 machine from Interequip.
‘AutoCool has been manufacturing A/C machines for more than 15 years and it shows,” Don said.
“For example, in the cabinet is a cut-out to expose the visual oil level inspection glass for the compressor – what a brilliant idea, especially when you consider the amount of expensive vacuum pumps which have died because mechanics didn’t even know it had to be checked, let alone how to find it. Indeed, the A1000 is accessible at any time with a quick glance.”
Interequip says its best feature is probably its ease of use – being able to walk up to a new machine and use it is a very important feature which many of its customers really appreciate, it explains.
“The use of a touch screen makes this as intuitive as it gets – simply tick the box next to the action you want it to perform,” Don said.
“For example, if you need to recover the refrigerant prior to major component replacement, simply tick recovery. The machine automatically stops at the end of the procedure.
“If you want a service, tick all the boxes. The machine then steps the technician through the process step by step. Pressing next onscreen advances through the setup.
“It automatically displays everything which is relevant to each process. Like how much available storage is in the recovery cylinder. It also steps the tech through the process with on screen instructions. It automatically accesses things like the manufacturers database or manually programming the amount of oil you want added and the amount of refrigerant.
“Oil can also be added automatically as it measures what came out. It then automatically adds the same amount back in. The time of evacuation or pressure can be programmed, the amount of charge can be manually changed or automatically accessed through the database.
“The machine shows how much refrigerant is left in the cylinder before you start the service so you will know if you can actually perform it or not. A leak down test is also part of the walk through. It’s all there step by step. There are no difficult to find menus or sub menus it a simple walk through set up, just press next.
“Accuracy of the unit is something we are really proud to offer. The system does away with analogue gauges as they have proven to be susceptible to physical damage and by their very nature require mechanical calibrations.
“The A1000 uses pressure transducers with an analogue display. It’s a virtual gauge. Pressure transducers are easier to calibrate. All up there are nine pressure transducers for self-diagnosis and leak down tests.
“If Air conditioning is a major part of your business we offer the A2000 unit. It has a monitor type display and one of the fastest cycle times in the market.”

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