The online training start-up has been acquired by Solera-Autodata

In a good news story for Aussie ingenuity making its mark on the international stage, a pioneering start-up in the automotive aftermarket looks set for a very bright future under a new, influential global parent.
AutoMate Training, founded by former technician and trainer Jonathan Sampson, has been acquired by Autodata Publishing Group Ltd, a Solera Holdings company and a global leader in automotive technical information.
Started and based in Sydney, Australia, AutoMate explains it has rapidly expanded over the last five years to become a true “industry pioneer,” offering online, video-based training to automotive professionals and workshops in more than 60 countries. 
Jonathan, commenting on the acquisition, said he started AutoMate because he wanted to address the widening gap between fast-changing technology, and the ability for technicians to stay up to date. 
“Effective training impacts directly on a workshop’s efficiency and productivity,” Jonathan said.
“It also future proofs technicians for tomorrow’s changes, so it is the most significant challenge the industry faces today.” 
Having started his career in the early 1990s as a Test Technician at the Ford Proving Grounds, Jonathan spent more than 25 years immersed in the Australian automotive industry. During that time, he developed a particular interest in the evolution of training methods, as the automotive sector began a new era of disruption and change.
His passion for education and experience working for OEMs and aftermarket firms helped Jonathan shape a new vision for automotive technical training: a video-based, online subscription service, which would allow automotive professionals to train more easily, cost-effectively and efficiently.

To realise this vision, Jonathan assembled a small team of professional automotive trainers, as well as 3D animators from the medical and television industries.
Together, they built up a library of high-quality training videos, each featuring “cutting-edge” graphics and demonstrations on real vehicles. 
Today, the library has more than 400 videos, covering everything from automotive fundamentals to the latest automotive technology.
Jonathan says he believes the key to AutoMate’s success is that the videos are short, sharp and clear, making even the most complex topics easy to understand.
“Using AutoMate, technicians and workshops can turn down time into training time,” Jonathan said.
Having spent the last five years establishing an international base of subscribers, AutoMate is now ready to begin a new phase of accelerated growth under Autodata, and its parent, Solera Holdings.
Jonathan says joining the Solera family is a logical and exciting next step on AutoMate’s strategic journey. 
“Our online training expertise, combined with Autodata’s highly advanced diagnostic and repair data, promises to deliver new and existing customers a compelling suite of products for the automotive technician,” Jonathan said.  

AutoMate and Autodata are both trusted and valued information service providers to more than eighty five thousand automotive workshops across the world, as well as corporate clients in the automotive service, maintenance and repair (“SMR”) industry. 
Autodata itself is recognised as a go-to automotive data solution for workshops with many countries seeing eight in ten workshops choosing Autodata to meet their service, maintenance and diagnostics needs. 
Rod Williams, Managing Director of Autodata, said that AutoMate’s innovative solutions and strong management team provide immediate value with Solera.
“Together we provide immense value to Solera’s 400,000+ SMR users, enabling us to further capitalise on the opportunity to support both our existing users and beyond with AutoMate’s solutions,” Rod said.  
For Jonathan, the acquisition is a vote of confidence in his initial vision.
“It is a milestone for AutoMate and I couldn’t be prouder of my team and all of their hard work,” Jonathan said.
“AutoMate has a very bright future ahead of it as part of the Solera-Autodata family.” 

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