OEM versus Aftermarket replacements

Radiator Direct says the work that goes into the design and validation of automotive cooling system components is mind boggling.
Components and systems in modern vehicles are designed to fit and function as an efficient and reliable assembly.
The finished cooling system products – radiators, oil coolers, condensers and other thermal control components – belie the engineering input and tooling that goes into producing the components.
Aside from improvements in performance, cooling system components have not undergone major design changes in the last 30 or so years and the parts have looked much the same for many years.
That said, Radiator Direct states the importance of the design and construction of radiators has never been more important.
With increased power outputs, fuel efficiency gains and tighter engine compartments, there is increasingly high demands on cooling system components.

Radiator Direct says major vehicle component manufacturers such as Calsonic Kansei, Denso Corporation, Mahle, Modine, T. RAD, Valeo and a number of other well-known brands lead the way in advanced design and manufacture of thermal control components.
Radiator Direct says it is often asked: are the much cheaper aftermarket replacement parts any good?
It says the short answer unfortunately for the OEMs is usually yes; usually they do fit and function at a similar level to OE.
Radiator Direct states that quality aftermarket manufacturers have honed the art of reverse engineering over many years and there are high quality alternatives available in our market.
There are, however, many examples of this not being the case with the technical features and construction of aftermarket replacement parts being far inferior to OEM, says Radiator Direct.
It warns that the online market place is still full of cheap products and false claims of heavy duty and upgraded components which it says are often simply not true – so it warns, while it is tempting to buy cheap, that could be all you end up with.
Radiator Direct says it distributes radiators and associated thermal control components from leading manufacturers such as Nissens, Denso, Koyo and MAHLE and that it ensures key design features of the OEM part are matched by the aftermarket replacement.

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