The surface-mounted lifts product portfolio of AUTOPSTENHOJ has been expanded with the new Maestro 2.35 Premium

AUTOPSTENHOJ says the Maestro 2.35 Premium is based on the proven tubular construction of welded columns and the premium arm set of the already existing Maestro 35 M.
The Maestro 2.35 F Premium is available with single and/or double telescopic swivel arms and a total width of 3,500 mm. The combination of arm set and dimensions results in an universal lifting area.
With the new Maestro 2.35 Premium from AUTOPSTENHOJ, the lift specialist says it has succeeded in launching a “really perfect all-rounder.”
It states the Maestro 2.35 Premium will be the absolute top-seller among the surface-mounted lifts, the all-rounder for repair and maintenance and is also the solution for lifting electric cars.
AUTOPSTENHOJ explains that thanks to the large choice of lifting accessories, even the most modern e-cars cause no problem for a professional and safe lifting with this lift.
It states that the slim, welded column construction provides outstanding stability and by changing the base plate and the new arrangement of the columns, the lift not only gains in drive-through width, but also scores with the low minimum height of 70mm.
AUTOPSTENHOJ says that the combination of the carriage on roller bearings, which enables a low friction operation, and the welded posts are a guarantee for an extremely long working life.
The low noise operation, low stress on the motors and low power consumption contribute to low-wear and low-maintenance operation.
Further, it says the cold-rolled spindles and the nut sets made of a special nylon alloy ensure maximum safety and the obstruction system stops the lift automatically when touching down on an obstacle.

Key features and benefits:
• Strong two-post lift with 3.5 t capacity
• Asymmetric post installation, vehicles can be positioned in the rear area of work bay, for better door-opening angle
• Very stable welded posts
• Two strong electric motors
• Cold-rolled spindles for high durability
• Nylon nut sets made of a special nylon alloy for high durability
• Carriage with six guiding wheels and lubrication-free roller bearings, for very low friction
• Obstruction system for stopping the lift when it hits an obstacle
• Electronic synchronization through comparison of pulses on both columns
• Low minimum height of 70 mm
• Internal arm locking system, protected against moisture and dirt, with strong 360° interlocking
• Large program of extra pads and accessories, depending on type of vehicle
Arms of the Maestro 2.35 Premium
• Arms DT/ST: Universal lifting area from small passenger car up to VW T6 long wheel base with lifting pad type “F”
• Arms DT/DT: Universal lifting area from small passenger car up to BMW 7 series long (G12) with lifting pad type “F”
• Possibility of parallel parking of arms for easier and faster positioning of vehicles
• Arms can be opened more than 180° for better drive-in situation (+45°) for lifts installed in 90° angle to the drive lane
Versions of the Maestro 2.35 Premium
• F = flex pad
• CF** = combi flex pad
• CF-08** = combiflex-08 pad
• DT/ST = double telescopic short arms in front / single telescopic long arms in rear
• DT/DT* = double telescopic short arms in front and rear

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**These variants will be available later