AutoTest says it is the most comprehensive headlight aimer in Australia

The main purpose of your vehicle’s headlights is to improve visibility on the road when driving under low-light conditions. However, headlights aren’t just a suggestion— their use is a necessity, required by law during specific times of the day or under certain conditions.
Newer vehicles often have daytime running lights fitted which are devices on the front of a vehicle, automatically switched on when the vehicle is moving forward.
Day time running lights are beneficial in preventing crashes by improving the visibility of your vehicle to other road users and pedestrians.
Your car’s headlights are an important safety device, and not all headlight types are the same.
For some time now, carmakers have been fitting powerful LED headlights to their higher end models, while their cheaper cars get fitted with much more standard illumination.
There is also a growing trend of road users installing aftermarket LED headlamps.
AutoTest says installing such aftermarket LED bulbs into OEM housings designed for conventional halogen units can result in dangerous glare for oncoming drivers and while LEDs can deliver more intense light at a higher end of the spectrum, some can also create a hazardous condition.
Proper headlight adjustment is a necessary safety measure. Without proper alignment, you won’t
get the full visibility while driving at night.
Not only do misadjusted headlights illuminate the road ahead insufficiently, but they can also cause blinding of the eyes of oncoming drivers instead.
Therefore, proper aiming of headlights is necessary if you want to keep things safe while driving. Proper alignment is important when installing new headlights.
Each headlight must be securely mounted and properly aimed so the beam pattern “cut-off line” complies with the regulations.
AutoTest says its AutoTest Headlight Align is a professional quality beam aligner suitable for all kinds of headlamps (high, low, fog including XENON and LED lamps).
AutoTest says it is the most comprehensive headlight aimer in Australia. It is supplied with assembly, operation, and calibration manuals and declaration of conformity.
Features include a robust anti-tip base fitted with large castors for easy manoeuvring; laser pointer for easy positioning of the unit; digital lux meter and wide measuring window; and manual optic alignment visor for easy parallel alignment.

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