Offering a new tool for workshop management to increase productivity

Auxo Software says it is the leading workshop and dealership management software provider in New Zealand.
The company is said to be known for its SAM workshop management software, but it has been busy developing a new tool to make workshops more productive and efficient.
Its new workshop management system (WMS) is called webSAM. This is a web-based WMS that can be accessed from a computer or tablet browser.
Anywhere internet is available, webSAM will be available too, making this a convenient option for workshop management on the go.
Auxo says this software will make it easier than ever to manage jobs from wherever you happen to be. As long as there is access to an internet connection, techs out on the road will be able to complete job cards, update vehicle/customer details, and invoice customers without having to make an extra stop to complete paperwork.
Auxo says this software can eliminate the need for handwritten job cards. Managers can use webSAM to automatically generate job cards from the digital booking diary, and then the techs can update the information directly from a laptop or tablet.
The team can also clock on and off via their mobiles with the webSAM time-clocking feature, so the Service Advisor won’t need to worry about dealing with messy handwriting with paperless job cards.
This software can also make life easier for the accountant as it can be integrated with Xero to give the accountant instant access to the accounts and reports.
Auxo says that the stable connection between webSAM and Xero allows for a reliable two-way feed of information from the workshop management system to Xero.
The integration provides full access to workshop management and there is no need to switch between tools with webSAM since it can handle everything from stock management to invoicing, says Auxo.
The company also offers a 14-day free trial of the software to ensure it is a good fit.

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