Combining European standards with Australian demands

BAC Systems says it is a well-respected Australian manufacturer of refined and durable Automotive Workstations, as well as special tool and spare parts storage for vehicle service workshops.
It has been manufacturing steel equipment in its Western Sydney factory since 1977 and says the modularity of its base cabinetry means that a customised configuration can always be devised to suit your individual requirements.
With the boom in the luxury European car market of the last decade, Vehicle Service Workshops have seen a large take-up of the European concept of Corporate-Image compliant workshops whereby the workshop becomes a practical extension of the showroom.
Part of this morph into such a professional image involves the standardisation of the technician’s toolboxes, with the European franchises now nominating the very toolboxes the mechanical technicians are supposed to use.
BAC Systems says it was an integral part of this workshop transformation culture right from the beginning, stating it was quickly approached by some of the initial dealerships to adopt the European model of CI compliant workshop layout.
It explains the modular BAC range made it easy to offer standardised solutions and many fruitful partnerships were forged between BAC and some of the European brands operating within Australia.
It soon became evident, though, that the European approach and the Australian and New Zealand mentality didn’t quite match up.
The Europeans were very clinical and minimalist in their approach. Mechanics were restricted to only holding the standard tool kit within their drawers in anticipation of all possible issues that a mechanical technician might encounter. The Australian reality, however, is that there were many variants, not within the manual, that required different tools to fix.
BAC Systems says its range was able to span the gap between expectation and reality, offering the European standard of 600mm deep benches in tighter metro workshops, or instead offering the standard 800mm deep alternative to workshops where the additional 33 percent storage capacity was of the higher priority.
By having both options available, BAC Systems says it is able to meet the more conservative needs of the European-influenced Australian and Asian workshops, while still having an offering for the more versatile Australian and New Zealand mechanics.
BAC says it is now well established as the only major Australian manufacturer of CI compliant Workshop Furniture and has been selected by many European brands as their local preferred supplier.

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