Trico Products Australia says Sta-bil is the solution for fuel degradation and oxidation

Any fuel, be it petrol, diesel, or heating fuel, is made up of many different organic compounds.
These organic compounds are constantly changing over time. They can react with oxygen and other elements in the environment and form new molecules that build up to form gummy residues or varnish-like films that can clog up passages in fuel lines, carburetors, and injectors.
Stored fuel can begin to break down in as little as three months.
One way to avoid fuel breaking down is to completely drain the fuel tank and fuel lines. However, it is virtually impossible to get every drop of fuel out of the system by simply draining.
Draining the fuel also exposes the metal in the tank and fuel system to air and moisture, which could result in rust and corrosion forming, gaskets drying out and cracking, and fuel leaks.
Drained fuel is a fire and safety hazard, and properly disposing of this fuel is difficult. For all these reasons, Trico Products Australia says draining is not the solution.
Instead, it presents Sta-Bil – a blend of scientific additives that act together to prevent fuel from undergoing degradation and oxidation during prolonged storage.
Trico Products Australia explains that Sta-Bil acts as a protective wrapper around fuel molecules so they cannot combine with oxygen or other molecules to form new “bad actor” molecules. The “sweetened” fuel will perform its job just like it’s brand new.
The average fuel is reportedly extended from three months oxidation life to 15 months with Sta-Bil.
According to Trico Products Australia, Sta-Bil is four to nine times more effective than any other products claiming to extend fuel life according to accepted standard fuel stability tests IASTM D5251.
Trico Products Australia says any engine stored for 90 days or more needs Sta-Bil, including all two-cycle or four-cycle engines used in lawnmowers, motorcycles, chain saws, recreation vehicles, garden tillers and so on.
To use, just add Sta-Bil to the fuel, agitate the fuel tank if possible, and then start and run the engine for five minutes or more. After that, simply shut off the engine and store the equipment away.
Sta-bil is available in three handy sizes – 118ml (treats 38 litres), 236ml (treats 76 litres) and 473ml (treats 150 litres).
Sta-Bil is distributed exclusively by Trico Products Australia.

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