Built to last a lifetime

No other range of hand trucks offers this level of construction quality and load capacity, says Bailey Hand Trucks Australian distributor Haigh Australia.
The Bailey Hand Truck features an exclusive pivoting axle lock bar and was designed in Australia. Those behind the product say that if you are not using one of their hand trucks, you are likely “working too hard.”
The award winning hand trucks feature a laser cut heavy duty metal frame backed by a lifetime factory warranty.
The trucks roll on PU filled puncture proof tyres to ensure they never go flat, which delivers a heightened level of safety and confidence especially when using them over rough, uneven terrain, gutters, steps and stairs or carrying loads of up to 300kg.
The relationship between the pivoting axle with locking bar and the curved base is what makes Bailey Hand Trucks the trusted choice, explains Haigh Australia.
By shifting the load’s centre of gravity, these two components work together to reduce the effective load weight over the entire axle in both free standing and in-transit positions.
This makes the hand truck better balanced and easier to move allowing almost anyone to handle huge 300kg loads with the equivalent effort usually required for loads of only 120kg. With all these features working in unison, the risk of unbalancing the load is virtually eliminated, says Haigh Australia.
Those behind Bailey Hand Trucks claim that using their hand trucks significantly reduces the kind of back injuries commonly associated with using cheaper hand trolleys.
Being a hand truck with the ability to reduce tilting effort to avoid such injuries is why the Queensland Government awarded them a Workplace Health and Safety Innovation Award, says Bailey, which states it has been providing superior quality hand trucks to Australian businesses for more than 15 years.

To see the Bailey Hand Trucks in action, visit or simply call the Australian distributor Haigh Australia on 1300 654 008 or email