The Protex brand offers premium quality brake system replacement products

BAPCOR says it is the Asia Pacific’s largest automotive aftermarket specialised company and states that its goal is to provide the Australian automotive trade with the most comprehensive range of world class replacement parts.
In working toward that goal, its Specialist Wholesale Division, BAPCOR Mechanical, has made a significant investment in revitalising the Protex brand.
BAPCOR says Protex has been an industry leader for premium quality brake system replacement products for 30 years.
With the help of BAPCOR Mechanical, Protex is now able to offer an impressive product range of more than 20,000 SKUs.
It says it has products for the vast majority of vehicles being driven on Australia’s roads, including two new premium quality Protex ranges in addition to the core Ultra brake product range Protex 4WD and Protex Ultra Performance brake components.
Protex brakes are an upgrade compared to standard OE replacement brakes. BAPCOR says Protex brakes give repairers options to meet more demanding 4WD and high-performance vehicle driving requirements.
It states that these brakes are a step up for drivers that want more specialised performance from their brakes.
The Protex brake product range includes hydraulic components, drums, hoses, shoes, calipers and brake kits.
BAPCOR says this comprehensive product range ensures every repairer has easy access to any braking component for vehicles of any age or commercial application from one national supplier.
BAPCOR says its enhanced and upgraded Protex brakes range features some of the latest innovations in advanced brake component design.
This includes the corrosion inhibiting Ultracoat Z360 brake rotor coating, which also allows for faster fitment while optimised rotor vane designs help to prevent warping and ensure ideal heat dissipation.
The new Protex multi-layered brake pads have optimised shims, chamfer and slotting to reduce noise and vibration; and all Protex Ceramic brake pads feature a pre-scorched surface for instant braking performance.
“This completely redeveloped Protex brake product range represents BAPCOR’s commitment to total quality and end customer safety through the outstanding braking performance that can be expected when selecting any Protex product,” BAPCOR Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Darryl Abotomey, said.  
“It is clear that the trade has embraced the Protex range since we revamped it just over one year ago, and we are committed to continual product quality and range growth into the future.” 

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