Its Burson Trade business in Australia is said to be “perfectly on track” to reach its 240 store goal

Australia and Asia Pacific automotive aftermarket industry leader, BAPCOR, says it continues to set new benchmarks in business growth despite the disruption faced during 2020.
BAPCOR says its strategically planned growth programs for each end of the automotive aftermarket supply chain include significant improvements across the company’s Trade, Specialist Wholesale and Retail segments located in Australia, New Zealand and in Asia.
The BAPCOR FY21 First Quarter Trading Update to the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:BAP) outlined significant revenue growth that was achieved across each of the Australian company’s automotive aftermarket segments. BAPCOR Group companies achieved 27 percent revenue growth during this highly challenging period, which it says clearly underlies the robust strength of its automotive aftermarket businesses.
With more than 1,100 locations in Australia and across the Asia-Pacific region, following a strategy of organic growth and a series of perfectly mated automotive business acquisitions since 2011, BAPCOR says its commitment to continued growth for each of its business segments is delivering significant and impressive results.
The Australian company has achieved this despite the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic by remaining committed to its planned growth path. BAPCOR is investing significantly in the important areas of information technology, eCommerce, process and system upgrades as well as marketing. Capital investment in new facilities continues to increase the company’s already “unrivalled” Asia Pacific footprint.
BAPCOR says its exciting five-year growth targets for each of its business segments herald a very exciting future for the proudly Australian owned company.
Each of BAPCOR’s segments are focused “specialists,” whether they are trade, retail, truck or across the various wholesale businesses. The company says it recognises the needs of the different customer bases and treats every customer group with the specialised focus that they deserve. Put simply, trade customers have different requirements to retail customers; electrical specialist workshops have different needs to general automotive workshops – and as such BAPCOR structures its businesses accordingly.
BAPCOR says its Burson Trade business in Australia is perfectly on track to reach its 240 Burson Auto Parts store target, having reached the 190 store milestone in October, 2020. This business has always targeted geographic locations to best suit its industry leading workshop customer base and will continue to do so to best service the automotive repairers and service centres around Australia.

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