BAPCOR Limited has placed significant focus on its consumer facing Australian automotive service division of late

The Asia Pacific’s largest automotive aftermarket specialist company, BAPCOR Limited, explains this division incorporates the Midas Auto Care and ABS franchise store networks. 
Midas, one of the nation’s best recognised automotive service brands, has seen a major overhaul of its retail operations which has included a detailed review of store locations and franchisee recruitment, business training and development. It has included a comprehensive assessment and enhancement of Midas national marketing programs. 
Headed by Rob Lewis, BAPCOR Retail General Manager – Workshops and Service, everything from the Midas Auto Care brand identity, scope of automotive services offered to consumers, pricing, and service work transparency, including its dedicated customer service program, has been reviewed and significantly enhanced over the past 24 months. 
The result is a total of 74 Midas stores across the nation and a clear growth plan, together with an enthusiastic and dedicated network of franchisees who are constantly welcoming new and existing customers that are being delivered to their stores. This is being achieved through year-round national television, radio, and digital media advertising campaigns, accompanied by high value consumer offers, such as the Midas ‘Free 5-Point Vehicle Safety Check’. 
Midas Auto Care stores and the newly introduced Midas Tyre and Auto Care workshops are enjoying strong, above-industry sales growth as a result of BAPCOR’s marketing strategies, business improvement programs and its network of customer-focussed franchisees.  
The expansion of the Midas’ service offering to include tyres as a specialised category represents exciting opportunities for additional business growth, as more Australian motorists can select the mechanics that they trust for all of their tyre replacement needs, providing access to all of the major tyre brands. 
The success that Midas Auto Care franchisees are enjoying is reaching every corner of the industry. Independent automotive workshops continue to approach the company seeking to transform their businesses to Midas Auto Care stores.

BAPCOR says this significantly increases new customer generation, aligning with a national service brand and reaping the benefits of Midas’ national marketing and advertising exposure. They see this as an opportunity to grow profitability and to build the future value of their businesses.
“The Midas retail brand proposition is as ‘Your local mechanic you can trust,’ challenges dealership servicing with Midas as the value brand. We provide consumers with excellent value through our transparent and easy to understand the 3-tier service offer nationwide, accompanied by highly effective national promotions,” Rob said.
“The brand’s growth and customer loyalty speak volumes for the trust that we have created with our customers. Midas makes it easy for customers to book a service online and be able to see exactly what is included in each of Midas three-tier vehicle service offers: Essential Service, Extensive Service and Scheduled Service.
“It is very quick and easy to locate and contact your nearest Midas store. Our online service bookings have increased by over 50 percent year on year as a result. 
“Whether vehicle owners are watching television, listening to the radio, or engaging in social media, the Midas Auto Care messaging is being clearly seen and heard across all of our retail target markets. 
“As a direct result of our Midas business growth, we are receiving requests from existing franchisees to invest further in new Midas franchise opportunities.
“We are also being approached by independent automotive workshop owners who feel they have grown as far as they can on their own and want to take their business to the next level, by becoming a Midas franchisee. 
“It is a great position for Midas to be in and testament to the work the BAPCOR Service team has done over the past two years.”

BAPCOR says an added motivation for independent workshops to become Midas Auto Care franchisees relates to increasing the future value of their business. It states that aligning with a national brand with its ongoing marketing support and the business this delivers provides the potential to significantly increase the value of any automotive service and repair business.  
A second automotive franchise within BAPCOR’s Service division is ABS, a smaller automotive service network specialising in retail vehicle servicing and in select locations, the supply of specialised automotive components to the trade. This network comprises of 31 franchisees located across the country.  
“ABS stores provide consumers with comprehensive full servicing, plus specialised brake, clutch and suspension replacements. In specific locations, a number of stores are integral to the supply of automotive parts to trade customers,” Rob said.  
BAPCOR says its Service division has a clearly defined road map for store network growth and the implementation of this program has been very successful. Midas, an Australian owned company, has substantially increased its consumer awareness, ranking in the country’s top three service networks for share of voice.  
“We have invested significantly in developing the offering and value of BAPCOR’s Service businesses and are well positioned to accelerate our growth,” BAPCOR Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Darryl Abotomey, said. 
“Our commitment to this growth plan and the Midas customer value proposition along with our dedication to franchise industry best practice training and support, coupled with the dedication of our Midas and ABS franchisees, all combines to form a winning formula for Australian motorists.”

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