Those behind the CTEK PRO120 say it is the tool of choice for Australia’s workshops

Servicing modern vehicles is a highly demanding, customer-centric business with no room for error.
Vehicles arriving in Australian workshops are increasingly equipped with various multiple computer systems controlling everything from automatic brakes, keyless entry, infotainment and HVAC. These systems often need to be updated with the latest software when the car comes in for service, which requires the ignition to be on for up to 24 hours, without the motor running and operating solely from the power of the battery.
To ensure a vehicle’s battery is at full charge by the end of service, and to avoid battery run-down when the computer systems are being updated, it is critical the workshop has an intelligent, powerful and easy-to-use battery charge and support solution they can rely on.
CTEK says its PRO120 is the best tool to aid the modern workshop. With advanced design, technology and superior features, it states it is the ultimate choice for comprehensive professional battery charging, care and support in today’s advanced diagnostic workshop.

CTEK says customer feedback has been positive, including this statement from a technician at a Brisbane-based dealership: “the CTEK PRO120 delivers the power supply we need to do our job effectively and efficiently. It’s an all-in-one solution, coupling power supply needs with essential battery support to avoid battery failure or computer system damage. We found the PRO120 really easy to use – the menu is self explanatory and it truly was set and forget using the automated adaptive charging mode. We could trust that the battery’s safety was supported through the PRO120’s maintenance of a constant, stable voltage.”
“As vehicle technology continues to advance, we’ve been listening to the feedback of our customers and continue to develop our product range to meet their needs – particularly recognising the importance of supporting the battery during increasingly extensive diagnostic and flash programming work,” CTEK Director of Sales and Marketing, Asia Pacific, Robert Briggs, said.
“The PRO120 protects against battery failure, addressing a significant area of concern among automotive technicians as customer battery failures in the workshop significantly hampers brand reputation. We’re seeing a really positive reception to the product in market, with great feedback from Australia’s workshops.”
The PRO120 is available in Australia via the Ashdown-Ingram network.

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