What used to be a straightforward process, replacing a vehicle’s battery, can now be complicated for some vehicle owners.
Modern-day vehicles, particularly those manufactured after 2002 and many European models, require their Battery Management Systems (BMS) to be reconfigured every time the battery is replaced. 
R&J Batteries’ exclusive new product, the Redmax Multi Application Tool (REDMAT), was designed to combat this very issue.
The Redmax Multi Application Tool is a portable, hand-held solution which enables vehicle owners to easily reconfigure the BMS in such vehicles to ensure optimal battery performance and service life.
The REDMAT allows vehicle owners to reset or modify (in some vehicles) the battery details quickly and simply, and can also display the current battery details stored in a vehicle’s BMS.
Failing to complete this process can shorten battery service life and may affect the operation of the Idle Stop Start (ISS) system if fitted.
More recently a new protocol has been implemented by some manufacturers which require a voucher to be purchased in order to obtain vehicle security access to allow the battery registration process with the BMS.
The Redmax Multi Application Tool is compatible with this new protocol and allows the user to pre-purchase vouchers and activate them with the tool when required.
The Redmax Multi Application Tool also has several other useful features including: 
• Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration.
• Electronic Park Brake apply and release.
• Service light reset.
• Read and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
• Display live vehicle data.
• Fault code identification.
• Reset EOLYS additive lights. 
Vehicle technology and requirements change constantly as new models are released. The Redmax Multi Application Tool addresses this by providing regular updates for new models and functions through the Redmax Multi Application Tool PC Suite (the first 12 months subscription are included with tool).
To update the REDMAT, simply connect the device to your PC before opening the PC Suite and selecting the update function. R&K Batteries says this ongoing support makes the Redmax Multi Application Tool a highly valuable tool for workshops and roadside responders.
The Redmax Multi Application tool will be available from mid-November onwards at all R&J Batteries branches and selected distributors across Australia.

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