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Being able to proactively manage battery health for customers can make a real difference to customer satisfaction and revenue for workshops.
Century offers a number of tools to help workshops be on the front foot for their customers when it comes to managing their batteries.

DHC BT521A Handheld Battery Tester
Proactive battery testing using a handheld tester like the DHC BT521A from Century Yuasa provides an accurate on the spot test result in minutes.
It can help identify suspect batteries before they fail and highlight problems with the vehicle’s starting and charging system.
But more importantly, it helps your customers avoid the financial and emotional costs associated with a flat or faulty battery.
Not only will this translate into increased battery sales, but it’ll also help maintain your reputation of offering good customer service and further cement your business in the local community.

Century Yu-Fit
With the introduction of C02 production control systems including Idle Stop Start, it is essential that vehicles have a battery of the correct type and specification installed.
More importantly, several automotive manufacturers have introduced active energy management systems that require the replacement battery to be correctly configured to the vehicle following installation.
This configuration is required because a brand-new replacement battery requires a very different charging strategy compared to the battery which has reached the end of its serviceable life.
Applying the old charging strategy to a new battery could result in a loss of Stop Start system functionality, loss of vehicle system functionality, plus increased fuel usage and CO2 emissions.

Century says that luckily, the configuration of these vehicle energy management systems can now be carried out simply and easily using its Century Yu-Fit battery configurator tool.
The Yu-Fit tool can be used to configure the replacement battery to the vehicle’s active energy management system – informing the vehicle that a new battery of the correct type and performance has been installed.
It will also inform the charging system of the new battery characteristics and ensure the correct charging strategy is applied right from the start.
Configuring a vehicle with the Yu-Fit tool following battery replacement will reportedly ensure the vehicle’s charging, energy management and system functionalities will perform as intended, and ensure that your customer will receive the best possible performance from their battery purchase.
The Century Yu-Fit tool comes pre-loaded with profiles for all common vehicle manufacturer make and models and receives regular updates to help keep pace with the latest changes to the Australian new car market – all by simply connecting the tool to your PC.

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