From isolation to total control

Having the right charging and maintenance tools for your 4WD’s batteries is essential for getting away.
REDARC says with its advanced battery charging technology, you will always be one step ahead with a range of solutions to suit different requirements and budgets.
REDARC states its Smart Battery Isolators have been available for a number of years and offer an effective approach for using your vehicle’s alternator to charge the second battery whilst the vehicle is running.
A battery isolator will protect the start battery from going flat by sensing battery voltage. Only when the start battery reaches 13.2 volts on a 12-volt system, will it connect and start charging the secondary battery.
When the engine is turned off, the isolator will disengage the secondary battery (as soon as the start battery drops below 12.7 volts). This will stop any loads connected to the auxiliary battery from also draining the start battery.
For more flexibility, REDARC says an in-vehicle DC-DC charger is recommended, such as its BCDC range.
In the pursuit of efficiency, many modern alternators restrict their output once the vehicle has reached operating temperature. This is fine for your start battery and standard accessories but will often leave your auxiliary battery undercharged.
BCDC chargers work with any type of alternator or vehicle voltage to ensure your auxiliary battery can reach 100 percent charge. They are suitable for most battery types, including Lithium, and accept solar inputs with an inbuilt Maximum Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator.
REDARC says that to get the absolute most out of any dual battery setup, a battery management system (BMS) is required.
A BMS has all the bells and whistles, combining the features and benefits of a Smart Battery Isolator, Dual Battery Charger and more.
REDARC says its Manager30, for example, is six solutions in one and offers a variety of features unlike anything else in the market. It features a DC-DC charger, 240V charger, battery isolator, load disconnect controller, MPPT solar regulator plus a remote monitor.
Travelling with solar? REDARC says its BCDC range and Manager30 both feature Green Power Priority and can charge from multiple sources simultaneously. If 12-volt solar power is available, solar power will be used before topping up the output charging current from another source such as mains 240-volt (if available) or DC vehicle power when on the move.
REDARC says you should refer to the battery manufacturers’ data sheet and visit to find the best charging solution for your setup.

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