JMACX GVM packages for Landcruiser 70 Series

BAW Automotive says a JMACX 3900 GVM Coil Conversion can take 70s series models from brute beast to offroad weapon.
JMACX LC70 Series products are said to cater beautifully for your daily drive, whilst still setting you up comfortably for work and play – ready to maintain comfort with all load types.
“At BAW Automotive, we’ve all seen the DIY conversion kits…this Kit is the real deal,” BAW Automotive Director, Brent Westbrook, said.
“One of the toughest coil conversions of the market, these beauties are road legal in Australia and ready to roll. With extra articulation making it unrivalled on the beaten path, you’ll be impressed with the ability to take on more technical and challenging drives, which let’s face it… is just much more fun. 
“The diff housings are in a class of their own with full fabricated units that leave the factory original unit in the dust.
“At BAW Automotive we were impressed that the parts maintain OEM Toyota bushes, so parts can be easily found, no matter where your travels take you.
“It goes without saying that we love a vehicle that is as unique as our customers and with the JMACX Kits, you can bet that custom colours are absolutely on the table. 
“Conversions with a JMACX Kit take around week at BAW, pending the accessories that are being fitted and our crew can answer pretty much any question you might have when it comes to these units.”

For more information or to book a conversion, visit or call 0417 783 415.