The company offers an extensive range of transmission coolers

Automatic transmissions include a number of rubber seals and other components that are sensitive to high temperatures and changes to the heat cycle.
This is the main reason why heat is the number one cause of automatic transmission failure.
The more the transmission’s heat cycle is reduced, the longer the seals and other rubber components will last. Lowering the transmission temperature also maximises the transmission’s oil life.
As the largest manufacturer of 4WD and tradie ute transmission oil coolers, Wholesale Automatic says it fully understands the negative effects that heat can have on automatic transmissions.
It says the best way to mitigate the effects of heat on an automatic transmission is by using a quality manufactured oil cooler kit specific to the vehicle.
Wholesale Automatic designs and manufactures a full range of oil cooler kits in Australia to meet the needs of its customers, especially those who tow, go off road, or carry any type of load.
All of Wholesale Automatic’s coolers are mounted on heavy duty, one-piece folded brackets that have been dual coated with zinc and finished in Mannex Black.
Every kit is engineered to withstand rough surfaces, including corrugated roads. Each cooler is ready for DIY install and comes with everything required, including full colour step-by-step fitting instructions.
Wholesale Automatic does note that a cooler kit should not be used when the mounting bracket has been made from stainless steel.
It should also not be used if it has not been made as a single piece mount bracket. The company warns to always avoid mounting systems that include two-piece mounts or very flimsy strap-like brackets.

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