The DPF is not the only restriction in your exhaust, it says

The Diesel Particulate Filter is the latest Australian Standard for exhaust emissions on turbo diesel exhausts.
Its purpose is to trap the harmful diesel fumes from exiting into the atmosphere. The ‘filter’ has another injector which only works when the filter is full and ready for a self-cleaning cycle: this process is called regeneration, explains Beaudesert Exhaust.
Beaudesert Exhaust says it hears the statement “an exhaust from DPF back is useless” a lot in the course of its business. It states that the DPF is not the only restriction in your exhaust.
The pipe size and muffler that the factory exhausts are made from are all contributing to some loss in power and torque, it says.
The pipe is necked down both in and out of the muffler, while having chambered internals. The airflow must find its way from one end of the muffler to the other, and it is not an easy flow.
At Beaudesert Exhaust, a small resonator is used in its exhausts as standard for cars with DPFs, which it says will give you the best flow whilst still being legal. The DPF holds a lot of the noise in the exhaust, so running this resonator or our additional no muffler pipe will not drone in the car, it says.
The business warns that the DPF may become restricted if the regeneration process isn’t activated regularly. Mostly city driving will be more at risk of blocking the DPF as the DPF needs to reach a certain temperature to activate the regeneration process, it says, stating that if the regeneration occurs regularly there will not be much restriction out of the DPF at all.
Beaudesert Exhaust says its exhaust bolts onto the back of or the first flange after the DPF, with its customers reportedly having given some excellent feedback. Indeed, the business reports that one customer who has this exhaust paired with a Steinbauer Performance Module did some testing driving from 0 to 80 up a long incline on his VDJ79.
“With the standard exhaust and no Steinbauer I was taking 28 seconds to get to the top. I added the Steinbauer Module first then could get to the top in 17 seconds. Then I fitted the three and a half inch exhaust and I was surprised! I made it up the hill in 11 seconds! Completely different vehicle to drive!” the customer said.
Beaudesert Exhaust’s big seller is the VDJ79 series with a three and a half inch pipe including the no muffler pipe for the louder note. The sound is perfect giving you a nice V8 note while not being over the top, says Beaudesert Exhaust, which states that letting the motor breathe after the DPF is one of the best things you can do for your car – it will not affect the DPF in any regeneration process.

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