Heading into 2020 there are around 50 vehicle brands selling on the Australian market

Each year they will sell nearly 1,000,000 vehicles covering numerous models, most of which will carry unique brake hoses designed specifically for that model.
Stocking assembled brake hoses to competently service your customers’ requirements would not only require a dedicated storage facility but is financially unviable.
BrakeQuip says its industry leading Brake Hose Manufacturing System can manufacture and test any hydraulic brake or clutch hose to suit every make and model car on Australian roads which not only complies with but exceeds Australian and International standards – usually while your customer waits.
It states that making your own Brake Hoses gives you the opportunity to take control of your business while also eliminating downtime waiting for hoses to be delivered.
It can also add a new income stream for little extra work, says Brakequip, allowing you to automatically move up the order of your customers’ preferred suppliers by quickly supplying a replacement Brake Hose for a car that’s tying up a hoist.
Businesses using the Brakequip Brake Hose Manufacturing System also benefit from Brakequip’s one of a kind cataloguing, says the company.
Time is money, and there’s nothing like wasting both when it means picking up original hoses to replicate. Brakequip says it has done the groundwork and picked up all of the original hoses already and catalogued them with easy to follow and accurate vehicle data, build specifications, hose diagrams and helpful descriptions on how to build each hose and sample hoses are a thing of the past.

Further, Brakequip says it offers Australia’s largest range, stating that as Australia’s leader in aftermarket Brake Hose Manufacturing it relentlessly researches and develops new hose ends to add to its “unmatchable” extensive range.
The BrakeQuip Brake Hose Manufacturing System means carrying a small volume of fittings and hose in comparison to stocking assembled hoses, whilst still being able to service all your customer’s needs.
In addition to industry leading hardware and range, BrakeQuip says it also boasts Australia’s largest range of brake plumbing accessory items including Tube Nuts, Banjo Bolts, Adaptors, Bleeder Screws, Joiners, T Pieces plus many more.
To complement this huge plumbing accessory range, it also stocks its own line of ADR compliant Bundy Tube, Copper Nickel Tube and Stainless Tube.
Brakequip says the efficiency and control that the BrakeQuip Brake Hose Manufacturing System provides is something that businesses benefit from by default.

To enquire about distribution availability in your area, go to where you can secure one of the new machines which just landed in February.