As modern cars become more sophisticated, so do their braking systems

Many now feature clips, shims, gaskets and sensors, all geared towards better braking and vehicle safety.
To ensure brakes are quiet, long lasting and performing at their best, Bendix says its brake pad box contains the essential accessories for a fuss free job. Amongst the items will be shims, backing plates, bolts, sensors or clips as necessary to complete the job.

If the vehicle has brake sensors, Bendix says it supplies the most popular sensors with the brake pads. These are designed to plug in as direct replacements for the OEM sensors.

Brake Clips
Some cars brake calipers use pins, clips or springs to hold in the brake pads. These items are often exposed to heat, dirt, liquids and general environmental stress causing them to lose their tension and shape due to metal fatigue.
This can result in the brake pads becoming loose in the brake caliper causing noise under braking. Overcoming this problem, the Bendix clips and springs are made to the exacting specifications of the OEM parts and come with a strong recommendation to replace them with the new ones supplied in the pack.

Brake Caliper Bolts
Whilst not as common as springs, clips and wear sensors, some cars have brake caliper bolts that require replacing after they have been removed. The new bolts come with thread lock fluid already applied for ease of installation.

Brake Pad Shims
Brake Pad shims on everyday passenger cars help to reduce noise by providing a barrier between the brake pad and the caliper. These also prevent small vibrations that can build up to annoying noise levels when the brakes are applied.
Manufactured in carbon steel and coated with black reinforced rubber, the Bendix brake pad shims, known as Fibre Impregnated Rubber Shims (FIRS), are designed to absorb vibrations and prevent brake noise and are engineered to last the lifetime of the brake pads.
In the Bendix Street-Road-Track high performance brake pads, the shim is made from carbon steel with a Nitrile rubber coating on both sides. This unique formulation is designed for quieter performance braking, vibration insulation and longevity.
Bendix says it withstands high pressures and high temperatures allowing the driver to perform heavy braking without brake fade for longer and with a consistent pedal feel. These special brake pad shims more effectively and efficiently block heat from affecting the braking system components such as fluid, lubricant and moving parts.

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