Bendix says its catalogue app is setting a new standard in replacement parts identification

Bendix says its brake catalogue app has been a revelation for mechanics and technicians, helping them to save time and streamline workflow.
The app is said to be “ground-breaking,” with Bendix stating it “can be deemed the most significant advancement in the selection of correct replacement vehicle brake parts.”
The app allows mechanics to easily identify what type of brakes a vehicle requires simply by scanning the vehicle’s registration plate or VIN number.
It was jointly developed by Bendix in partnership with Elegant Media, which Bendix asserts is one of Australia’s most creative app development companies.
The process began with Elegant Media building basic functionality, at which point Bendix assisted with joint development to an advanced stage.
“The Bendix App is a wonderful example of how software technology can assist people in the workplace to undertake a job with access to accurate information in real time,” Elegant Media Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Anushka Bandara, said.
Bendix says it is now one of the industry’s leading fit-for-purpose software products.
Those behind the app say it makes life easier for a lot of people in the industry, allowing them to more efficiently identify new brakes for cars, 4WDs, SUVs, buses and trucks.
This enables them to speed up workflow on the workshop floor while ensuring that the correct products are ordered, supplied and fitted, every time.
“We are delighted with the App as there is nothing like it in the market – we know it is bringing efficiencies for a lot of people in our industry,” Bendix National Marketing Manager, Ian Bott, said.
The Bendix App is available for download free of charge at Google Play and the Apple Store.
It can then be successfully used by mechanics, brake fitters and spare parts counter staff simply by scanning the vehicle’s registration plate, VIN number or another product code.
The app will then take the user directly to the Bendix brake parts required.
Bendix has been making brake pads in the Victorian regional city of Ballarat for 67 years. The company claims that since the 1950s it has set new standards in driver safety, performance and comfort, and it believes it will be around for many more decades and is already developing automotive products for EVs in an effort to future-proof the business.

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