For Mustang and other future classics

It is common for car discussions between petrol heads to quickly turn to the numbers: how much horsepower? How many rear wheel kilowatts? How fast down the strip?
While it is one thing to go fast, for safety’s sake, it is just as important to have adequate stopping power, both on the track and on the road.
As a global leader in the automotive aftermarket sector with more than 70 years’ experience, Bendix is in the process of launching a range of braking packages designed for modern classics and muscle cars, beginning with the current model Ford Mustang.
The new Bendix Ultimate+ range includes an upgrade package featuring a set of its Ultimate front rotors, Ultimate+ brake pads, replacement braided brake hoses, brake rotor cleaning wipes and a can of its Cleanup brake disc cleaner.
Especially designed for use with the Mustang’s Brembo front callipers, the Ultimate front rotors meet Ford’s original specifications for size, diameter and stud pattern spacing, ensuring the rotors are an easy fit while providing long-term reliability and performance.
Drawing on Bendix’s extensive experience as Australia’s largest manufacturer of friction material products and braking expertise, the range includes high carbon metallurgy steel for better thermal stability and a consistent pedal feel in both track and everyday applications.
Additionally, the Ultimate rotors make use of diamond tip slots and v-shaped dimples to effectively dissipate heat, while repelling dirt and water.
Further complementing the Ultimate+ package is Bendix’s braided brake hoses, which feature a Teflon-coated core line, which is wrapped in a stainless-steel braid and then coated in a protective outer sleeve.
The major benefit of braided brake lines is that the steel sheath prevents the line from expanding under extreme pressure, delivering a more consistent brake feel, while also better protecting the lines from damage.
While initially available for the Ford Mustang, Bendix’s Ultimate+ Performance Brake Upgrade Kits will be released for additional makes and models later in the first quarter of 2022. These will include packages to suit selected Holden Commodores, Subaru WRX and BRZ as well as its Toyota 86 stablemate.

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