Bendix says all drivers who tow can benefit from having an electronic brake controller

Bendix says its Ultimate Tow electronic brake controller features its own unique braking algorithm, ensuring superior performance and reliability in demanding local conditions.
When hitched to trailers and caravans with electric brakes, the electric brake controller activates and controls the braking force supplied by the electric brakes in the caravan or trailer whenever the driver in the tow vehicle applies the brakes.
The controller allows braking to be easily modulated by adjusting the dial left for a lower setting or right for maximum setting.
Bendix Ultimate Tow also features an override function – if the driver notices that the trailer/caravan is swaying, they press the same dial to engage the override, which applies the trailer brakes independently without the tow vehicle brakes needing to be on, pulling the trailer or caravan into line and minimising the swaying affect.
Other safety features include an open circuit and trailer disconnection indicator.
Ultimate Tow is suitable for installation in a wide range of popular vehicles and is compatible with the ALKO ESC systems fitted to many caravans and trailers.

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