Blue Flag is an authorised provider of Plate-to-VIN NEVDIS data

The term NEVDIS is unfamiliar to most, yet every vehicle and licence holder who owns a car is connected to it.
In fact, every VIN, chassis and registration in Australia is linked to NEVDIS: the National Exchange of Vehicle and Driver Information System.
Established in 1998 by Austroads, NEVDIS is a one-stop database linking all vehicles across the states and territories. Blue Flag is an authorised broker of Plate-to-VIN NEVDIS data, offering the automotive aftermarket simplified access to sophisticated data via a user-friendly interface.
Blue Flag says it is Australia’s leading automotive marketing intelligence agency and that it has established various methods for accessing NEVDIS data, allowing clients to integrate customised solutions using Blue Flag’s API (application programming interface).
Additionally, clients can upload an excel or text file to access an array of interesting and relevant information with advanced reporting, along with a web interface for making specific queries.
Simply enter a vehicle’s registration number to reveal a vehicle’s:
• VIN or chassis number
• Engine number
• Basic attributes (eg. model, colour, body type and more)
• Year of manufacture
• Power-to-weight ratio
• Registration status and expiry date
• Written-off status (including reason such as accident, hail or flood damage)
• Stolen status

Blue Flag says if you introduce NEVDIS integration within your business you can reap the benefits and ultimately enhance the aftermarket experience for your retail customers. It asks you to consider the efficiency of being able to enter a registration to immediately display a vehicle’s VIN and full history and the benefits of enhancing your company’s website by enabling your customers to view the specific attributes of a vehicle, while significantly mitigating risk of data-entry errors by reducing manual inputs.
Access to NEVDIS data provides security and peace-of-mind – check the registration status and expiry of vehicles prior to a test drive, or efficiently manage your fleet vehicles. Buying cars into stock? Your job will be a whole lot easier with timely access to stolen and write-off statuses, including the detailed reason for a write-off such as minor hail damage or full-scale flood damage. Keep in mind, a vehicle written-off years ago could have been rebirthed, warns Blue Flag, which states that fortunately, NEVDIS has you covered.
Blue Flag says it can tailor solutions for customers wanting to query NEVDIS data, whether it be searching five cars a week or tens of thousands per month. The system is simple to integrate with your current website or portal, and the team at Blue Flag says they will have you up and running in next to no time.

For more information, visit or contact or 03 9427 1230.