With the CTEK professional range

The performance and lifespan of lead-acid batteries is seriously inhibited when exposed to temperature extremes.
It’s easy to forget batteries during the warmer summer months, however they still need to meet the high-power demands of modern vehicles. Key challenges for modern workshops to be mindful of include drying out, overheating and sulphation.
Simply by charging and conditioning batteries during a regular service, workshops can ensure customers are protected against flat batteries and other battery related breakdowns. CTEK says it has a fast, safe and effective solution that will enable workshops to charge batteries without removing the battery from the vehicle or interfering with vehicle servicing procedures.
CTEK chargers are said to be powerful, fully automatic switched mode battery chargers designed to offer outstanding levels of reliability, safety and efficiency. They are fully automatic, easy to use and require no specialist knowledge or monitoring – simply connect, forget and carry on with a normal service without worrying about the risk of overcharging and gassing.
It says its PRO25S is an innovative, versatile and highly efficient 25A battery charger and power supply, and has been developed around the needs of the automotive professional. Further, the PRO25 automatically adjusts the charging rate depending on ambient temperature to ensure ideal charging in extreme cold or hot weather conditions.
Combining power and advanced technology with safety, and the portability and flexibility to work with any 12V vehicle battery including lithium-ion (LiFePO4), Ctek says the PRO25S is the perfect solution to support the battery during diagnostic and fault-finding work.
The CTEK PRO25S is available to purchase from Repco stores, nationwide.

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