For the BMW 3 Series

Bilstein says it is proud to offer sports and threaded suspension systems for the BMW E30, G20 and all models in between.
In 2022, the BMW E30 3 Series celebrates its 40th birthday. The first M3 was based on this model, and it became the most successful touring car of all time. The M3 has inspired every BMW 3 series right up to the 316.
Bilstein, a company that has been active in the racing scene, notes that agile handling is one of the most important factors in creating an enjoyable driving experience with the BMW 3 Series.
One of Bilstein’s specialties is finding optimisation potential. The company says it offers several suggestions to upgrade the BMW 3 Series for maximum performance.
Bilstein says that one major upgrade that is inadequately catered for by the factories is lowering, with maximum values of around 15 millimetres.
However, it says the Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit sports suspension allows for lowering of up to 40 millimetres for models in the E30 Series.
For the cars from the G20 Series, Bilstein offers up to 55 millimetres, for example, with the Bilstein EVO S, or SE with support for electronic shock absorber control, and T1 threaded suspension systems.
Benefits of lowering include a sportier appearance, higher cornering speeds, and improved ride comfort.
Race track enthusiasts also have the EVO R at their disposal. This racing suspension even allows a lowering of up to 70 mm.
In terms of suspension technology, Bilstein says its B12 Pro-Kit can set E30 models on a course towards the M3.
The current BMW 3 Series (G20) has been on the market for three years now, and Bilstein says its products can enhance its performance virtually infinitely.
Bilstein says the EVO S threaded suspension system combines maximum performance and comfort with its cool Anthracite look. With its tighter characteristic curve, it reportedly allows higher cornering speeds than the standard suspension system and offers more ride comfort than the off-the-shelf M suspension system.
Thanks to the further development of the internal fixing of the spring cap, Bilstein says it allows lowering by up to 55 millimetres and offers a dual-tuned shock absorber setting.
The otherwise identical EVO SE variant also supports a factory-fitted electronic shock absorber adjustment.
Bilstein says it has tailored its sharper variants of the EVO series to sporty drivers. Track day
fans can adjust the EVO T1 individually to any racetrack in just ten clicks (rebound and compression stage) via an aluminium adjustment wheel. The maximum lowering is up to 55 millimetres.

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