Now also for Toyota Supra

For many people, the Toyota Supra is as Japanese as manga, Godzilla or sake.
Fans were shocked when the sports car was discontinued in 2002, then 17 years later, the dry spell came to an end and the GR Supra became an ingenious success: great design, mega-direct steering, ideal weight distribution of 50:50, active differential and convincing engines.
The suspension experts at Bilstein decided to squeeze the maximum out of these benchmarks and, together with the German partner Lightweight Performance and other renowned tuning companies, built a 462.9hp track tool.
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The heart of the conversion is the new Bilstein EVO T1 coilover suspension, which is available now.
The “T” in the name stands for “Track.” This means that the road-legal and very comfortable coilover suspension not only provides a great deal of driving pleasure in everyday use, but also on the racetrack.
Tuned using Bilstein handling tests on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife and road surfaces all over the world, the Bilstein EVO T1 is the ideal choice when maximum setup options are required.
Thanks to the 10-fold dual-click adjustment via an aluminium knob, rebound and bump damping can be adjusted in parallel without tools in the installed state.
For the front axle, for example, only the bonnet must be opened to access the knob. A significantly more precise steering behaviour compared to original equipment and the more direct contact to the road are only a taste of what Supra pilots can expect from the dynamic damper settings, says Bilstein.
In addition, the EVO T1 can also be used to lower the Supra by between 10 and 35 mm, depending on the axle position and engine.
This can be flexibly varied at any time without removal and noticeably reduces pitching and rolling movements. In addition, every setting of the EVO T1 is safe to drive. All in all, your own Supra remains a daily driver that makes the drive to work just as much fun as the trip to the race track, says Bilstein.
Incidentally, the EVO T1 is the latest member of the EVO Performance Line, representing the latest generation of coilover suspensions from Bilstein.
With their successful design, these products have even won the iF Design Award 2021.

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